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World's Best Mole Traps

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These are hands down the best mole traps available today. They are the only mole traps that I use, recommend and offer for sale on this website. They are identical in design to our Best Selling, Worlds Best Gopher Traps. The only difference is that they are produced in a smaller size to accommodate mole tunnels.

Trap Dimensions: 2 inches wide, 1 inch tall, 4.5 inches long

Looking for the easiest mole trapping experience? Check out our Complete Mole Trapping Kits!

These mole traps are easy to set, compact and powerful! The solid stainless steel construction ensures many years of use!

These mole traps are available to purchase in either half dozen or dozen. Please note that 2 traps are required to make a complete mole "set". You will place the traps in opposing directions inside the mole tunnel. So a half dozen traps will allow you to make 3 "sets" and 12 traps will allow you to make 6 "sets". 

Here's a short video overview of the Worlds Best Mole Trap.

Here's the Trap Setting Procedure.

***NOTE: These traps are to aid in the control of broadfooted moles OR small pocket gophers only. Please know for certain exactly what type of pest you are dealing with!

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Yup, these Getgophers traps really do work!

My neighbors just spent $700.00 for a pro mole trapper to come out and set 16 traps for moles. Five of us neighbors have extremely high numbers of mole hills everywhere. After I watched the pro with these unusual traps and set them; I waited the next day for the pro to come out and check the traps waiting for results. The pro caught five moles; one was almost big as a rat! So, I went on the Internet on a search for these traps and ordered a package of six. I watched the YouTube video on how to set them. It's easy by the way. I set all six three days ago. I just checked them all today and low and behold; I got him. Probably a solitary mole. But if I see any more new mole hills; I'll set a new trap(s) immediately. The only thing I added to the trap, was a little piece of cardboard to block soil from reentering the tunnel(s) where the trap(s) are set. My neighbors and I have tried everything for years, but never got one mole. We smoke bombed them, pumped Carbon monoxide down the tunnels with shop vacs, poison worms, to no avail. This truly is the best trap and worth the money. Just actually catching one mole paid for itself. These traps are built strong, to last a very long time too.

Erwin Gajentan
Finally got him!

This little guy was very elusive, kept going under the trap. It took me a couple of weeks but I finally got him! It works!!! Now to trap his cousin😄

Joe Ray
First set

Caught a big mole on my first set in my garden. I followed the instructions on the video it took me a few minutes to set the trap. A powerful little trap…I’m looking forward using it.

Joe, Congratulations on catching in your first set! I'm glad to hear that you are getting along well using them! Happy trapping!

Success !

I’ve caught six moles so far, one becoming trap shy after tripping the trap three times & evading once tunneling under but caught the mole in another set. If bedded properly it’s a destroying angel on moles !

M.L. , Thanks for leaving a review! It's great to hear that you've caught so many moles! Happy trapping!

Henry B
Same trap as used by a profesional exterminator I used before.

I thought the trap was too big when I tried to force it into a small tunnel but 2 days ago I caught the mole that dug the tunnel and it was the right size! Took less than a week and I haven't seen any new activity.

Henry, Yes these are the same traps utilized by professionals nationwide. I'm glad you caught the mole! Happy trapping!