About Us

 Hello! I'm Jesse Stucky and I'm the founder of Get Gophers. I was raised in South Central Kansas in an Agriculture family. In the fall of 2018 I started a commercial gopher and mole trapping business. The business has done well and I started receiving inquiries from farther and farther outside my service area. It really bothered me to tell people that I wasn't able to help them simply because they lived too far away. With the encouragement of and a lot of help from my brother, Get Gophers was born. It is my belief that, as long as you are physically able, you can learn to control your own gopher or mole problem. The key in all of this is that you have the ability to leverage my experiences as a professional trapper to be successful in managing your own pest problem. I've trapped thousands of gophers in almost every imaginable situation and I've made about every mistake in trapping them too! Educating and being of service to others is something that I'm truly passionate about. It is my sincere hope and goal that these products and videos provide the resources you need to solve the gopher and mole problems that may have been plaguing you for a long time!

 Happy Trapping!

Jesse Stucky