Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I tell if I have a gopher or mole problem? - Please watch this free video to help you determine what pest you have - VIDEO

When will my order ship? - Please check out our Shipping Policy page for shipping information.

Do you have these in stock? - We work hard to keep our inventory levels accurate. Any items that are currently out of stock will be marked as such and you will not be able to add out of stock items to your cart. 

What kind of warranty do I get? - All our items all come with a 1 year warranty. If you have issues with an item, just contact us right away and we will get you taken care of.

Do you have any discount codes? Like all other industries, we are fighting higher material and shipping costs and are trying to keep our prices down as long as possible. Due to this, we are not currently offering any discounts to first time buyers.

I'm having trouble getting rid of my gopher/mole problem, will you help me? - If you are still having trouble trapping your pest AFTER purchasing our Complete Trapping Kit and would like more help, you have the option to purchase our "Chat with a Pro" feature. We simply can not answer all the emails we get from people that just want to ask trapping questions that are clearly covered in our Training videos.