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Probe and Tunnel Cleaning Tool

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This dual purpose tool is a a must have for gopher trapping. The pointed end is used to probe the soil to locate the tunnel opening while the flat end is used to clear loose soil, rocks or other obstructions from the tunnel. A clear tunnel is key to achieve proper trap placement. The solid stainless steel construction of this tool ensures many years of use!

Watch a short Video Demonstration.

Customer Reviews

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Donald Murphy
Tool looks sturdy

I won’t know until next spring how well it works.
Spring is when my war on gophers resumes.

Tunnel tool exceeds expectations.

I have been using this tool for a couple of weeks now. Historically I have always used a probe to locate the main tunnel and a shovel to dig down to it. I watched the video and was skeptical. I have been trapping gophers in a persons back yard and I wanted to avoid digging big holes. I followed the instructions on the "Getgophers" video and I was very pleased with the results. Sometimes when the "plug" is removed the tunnel immediately branches and for those occasions I still dig out the tunnel and place two traps in opposing directions. But, for those that have a longer "lead-in" tunnel, this is the way to go. I am also using mostly Gophinator traps with the occasional Cinch trap. The tunnel tool (when used with a small spade) is the perfect tool for this application. When I got the tool it needed some minor work with a hand file to remove some sharp edges but no big deal. I would recommend this tool.

Glad you are pleased with our products! We appreciate your business! Happy trapping!

Perfect size for pocket gophers. Handy tool.

Not too much to say about this. It's a nice stainless steel rod that works well for probing tunnels and then flipping around to clean them out once you dig into the tunnel. Works well, fair price. Would buy again.

We're happy to hear that the tool is working well for you! We appreciate your business! Happy trapping!